The Perceiver – the Chinese ‘Sekiro’ – shown in extended gameplay video

The Perceiver

Finally, we can see a little more of what this intriguing and eye-catching action game has to offer.

Over the years, many Chinese projects developed with ‘free’ game engines such as the Unreal Engine are coming to the West. Many of these projects, despite creating tremendous hype on this side of the pond, never come to fruition. Or worse, they are extended year after year until they are forgotten. But the project presented by the Chinese studios Papergames and 17ZHE Studio seems that it will become a reality.

This is what the studio has given us to understand after releasing a new extended gameplay video of The Perceiver. It’s 40 minutes of gameplay where, inevitably, we observe many elements reminiscent of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. But, despite this, the game maintains a unique essence that undoubtedly draws attention.

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A very well-done extended gameplay

With what we have seen of The Perceiver before, it gave the impression of the typical project that looks more like a CGI cinematic than a real game. Also, sharing so much resemblance with Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, it simply looked like a Sekiro fan-made game with a skin on top. This take is far from reality, as 17ZHE Studio and Papergames are constantly working on the development of this game.

Months ago, they had asked for help from fans of the genre to give ideas of mechanics or elements that could improve the game experience. This week, we received the first big preview of the game’s development in a 40-minute extended gameplay. In this gameplay, we finally get a glimpse of the unique essence that The Perceiver will present us with.

Some very well-done camera games that give more dynamism to the action; game mechanics that look challenging but very fun; and most importantly, you can easily appreciate the improvement in the graphics that were so much criticized at the time of its launch. In addition, we can largely appreciate how the gameplay will be in The Perceiver.

From exploring the vast map of the game with striking scenarios of Chinese culture to very dynamic and action-packed fights with the bosses of the game. After seeing what is presented in this extensive gameplay, we hope that someday it will become a reality and come to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 as announced by Papergame and 17ZHE Studios. In the meantime, we can enjoy this incredible trailer.

Check out the amazing extended gameplay below!