The political drama Suzerain is out now on PC


The text-based adventure and political drama Suzerain launches today on PC and Mac.

Suzerain is set in the fictional nation of Sordland. The country recently emerged from civil war and a 20-year dictatorship. As Sordland’s newly elected president, you have to tackle difficult decisions on issues such as immigration, healthcare, law enforcement, and more as you rebuild the country after the last, corrupt leader loses power.

The choices that you make in this game have consequences not just for your presidency but your nation. Will you rule as a tyrant or a reformer? It’s up to you.

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Here’s how indie developer Fellow Traveller describes the game:

As President Rayne, you’ll begin your first term when Sordland is struggling to recover from a difficult past: bloody coups, a civil war, and a decade of tyranny has left the country in a delicate state. Navigate a political drama driven by conversations with cabinet members and other significant figures. Whether you pursue constitutional reform, improving the lives of Sordish citizens, or lining your own pockets, there’s no denying the power you wield as president — at least, so long you can keep your place in the Maroon Palace.

Suzerain is available for a launch discount of $11.99 on Steam and GOG.

My Take

The timing of this game is spot-on with influential so-called leaders making wild claims and their supporters plotting to subvert democracy. While Suzerain offers a world that many Americans are less familiar with than people living in failed states, it may give us a window into our own future.

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