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The remaster of Final Fantasy IV is available now

Final Fantasy IV

The classic story of Final Fantasy IV returns today as Pixel Remaster on PC & mobile.

Square Enix announced today that the legendary RPG Final Fantasy IV is returning, this time with an incredible remaster as part of the Pixel Remaster series, a collection of remasters of each of the classic Final Fantasy games for PC and mobile devices.

Live the classic FFIV like never before.

For those who haven’t read this incredible title before, the plot continues with Cecil, a dark knight and Red Wings captain, who decides to fight against Baron’s tyrannical reign with the help of his confidante and lover, and who later joins forces with Kain, the dragoon, Rosa, the white mage, the summoner Rydia, and many other valiant allies.

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With its varied cast, captivating plot, and real-time combat using the Active Time Battle (ATB) System, Final Fantasy IV raised the bar for role-playing games.

This updated edition of Final Fantasy IV improves and upgrades the original game’s release. The game’s original designer and current collaborator, Kazuko Shibuya, developed the game’s famous game concepts, which have been upgraded and rebuilt for modern technology.

Despite being a cult type of combat, the old saga games’ gameplay has been enhanced in this new recreation, featuring better controls and touch controls, a modern UI, auto Battle settings, and more.

Final Fantasy IV from the Pixel Remaster series is now available for Android, iOS, and PC via Steam.