The Serpent Rogue
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The Serpent Rogue is available now on PC and consoles

The Serpent Rogue

A sandbox adventure game straight from Ukraine seeks to captivate gamers with an incredible gameplay.

Sengi Games and Team17 have announced the debut of their new game today. The Serpent Rogue, a new sandbox alchemical adventure game from the Ukrainian company, is now available on all platforms.

In The Serpent Rogue, players must explore the realm as The Warden, the mysterious plague-masked protagonist. As The Warden, players must employ critical potions to rid the world of the malicious corruption known as the Serpent Rogue and bring balance back to the territories surrounding Mount Morbus.

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Become an alchemist in this incredible adventure

The Serpent Rogue

Alchemy is a significant gameplay component in The Serpent Rogue, and mastering it is vital to The Warden’s success. To advance in an ever-changing environment, players must gather and investigate components to discover their purposes, experiment with different mixes to create unique potions, and apply the concoctions in a number of ways.

Sengi Games’ remarkable game lets players to confront difficulties in a variety of methods, including direct face-to-face fighting, precisely timed alchemical remedies, and befriending and taming local wildlife.

Every step in The Warden’s path is laden with obstacles and decisions, the repercussions of which can be felt all over the world. For example, leaving food out can attract rats and cause mayhem, and unburied corpses will draw the deadly ghouls, so be cautious.

The Serpent Rogue is currently available for purchase on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Watch the launch trailer of the game down below.