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The Shapeshifter 2 Kickstarter campaign is a rousing success

The Shapeshifter 2 kickstarter campaign

Exceeding more than 1000% of the main goal, The Shapeshifter 2 Kickstarter campaign is a total success.

GreenBoy Games announces that the Kickstarter campaign for The ShapeShifter 2 has been a complete success, reaching more than 1105% of the original goal thanks to more than 730 backers who are fans of retro video games. The Shapeshifter 2 is a game made by Dana and the second installment of the confirmed Shapeshifter trilogy for the original Nintendo Game Boy.

A game that pushes the limits of Game Boy

It’s an old-school adventure game evocative of classics like Monkey Island. It’s the only game GreenBoy Games has created that takes two cartridges to play owing to the game’s length, which exceeds the cartridge restrictions of Game Boy.

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The Shapeshifter 2 kickstarter campaign

Everything in the game unfolds according to your personal choices. This means you can experience different adventures in each game and every time you play.

If you want to support the game’s Kickstarter campaign, which is less than 24 hours away from ending, you can do so by clicking here.

Watch the game trailer down below!