The Shattering is a new black and white psychological horror game

The Shattering

Fans of psychological horror games should take note of The Shattering. It looks pretty stylish.

The game aims to have beautiful, realistic environments in a white aesthetic to provide original scenery that stands out from other games. The developers also promise a “sublime, gripping, and intense original score.”

“The core theme draws on the premise that horrors and fear can be achieved through embracing white and the absence of information, rather than darkness and the obvious, though unseen, enemy,” the developers say.

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The indie developers at Super Sexy Software consist of a small group of five close friends spread out across Europe. There are team members in France, Poland, and Switzerland.

Super Sexy Software and publisher Deck13 Spotlight have announced the release date. The Shattering will be available on Steam starting on April 21.

Check out the trailer below!

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