The Simpsons Hit & Run remake
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The Simpsons: Hit and Run Remake is almost done

It’s a project that has been in development for a long time and that we have been following closely.

Every Simpsons fan since the ’90s has had the pleasure of being able to play two titles based on the TV series: The Simpsons Game (2007) and the legendary The Simpsons: Hit and Run (2003). But this legendary game, to this day, has not aged graphically in a great way. Therefore, a YouTuber and developer fan of the game has been working on a project that will surely surprise you. It’s a fan-made The Simpsons: Hit and Run Remake.

For almost two years, the YouTuber has been making a fan-made remake of The Simpsons Hit & Run. Although in the beginning, it seemed like a project that would never become a reality, two years later the indie developer notified us that it “is almost done!” Features such as VR or RTX are some of those that this remake will have available.

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A fan-made remake that will blow your mind!

If you’ve ever played The Simpsons Hit & Run, you’ll know how awesome this game is. It has even become a cult game among Simpsons fans. But, like many games from 2003, it hasn’t aged very well. That’s why two years ago, a developer and YouTuber fan of the game undertook a very promising project that we’ve been following closely.

The YouTuber “reubs” has taken advantage of Unreal Engine 5 to make the dream of all die-hard fans of the game come true: A remake of the game adapted to the current technology. That is why, due to the ambition of the project, we have followed closely each of the updates of the project. And it wasn’t until less than a week ago that reubs confirmed that the remake is almost ready.

As you can imagine, this remake is made keeping the unique style of the game but adapted to Ray-Tracing, more defined modeling, and physics very similar to the original but with some tweaks. Also, the fanatic developer has added VR natively to the remake. Although it may not seem like an optimal functionality for the game, reubs has managed to make a great adaptation that gives a twist to the classic gameplay of the game.

Of the fan-made remakes we have brought you, this is one of the most solid ones you can find on the internet. Still, we will have to wait and see if the game will become a reality. Since we know how companies are with this kind of license. However, it is promising to see how far the project has progressed and how well achieved the “final” product is.

Watch the latest update from the YouTuber about the fan-made remake!