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The Sims 4: Five challenges to spice up the gameplay

The Sims 4 five challenges

The Sims 4 can become more than a little repetitive, even if fans of the EA series hate to admit it. After all, there are only so many kitchen fires, cow plants, and glitched rotting plates of food we can handle.

Sometimes you need a change. That is why I’ve compiled this list of five popular (and not so popular) challenges to switch up your gameplay and spice things up. These are also popular challenges for streamers and streaming as you’ll see!

Runaway Teen Challenge 

Think Home Alone minus the booby traps. The goal here is to play as a teen-only household. Like the popular Rags to Riches Challenge, you start on an empty lot. Your teen must garden, fish, or find collectibles to earn a sufficient income to build a home. But remember, being a runaway means no school and no talking to adults for fear someone will report you.

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The 100 Baby Challenge

Think you can earn enough simoleons to keep one hundred mouths fed? This is a widespread challenge that you’ve probably seen circulating in The Sims 4 community for years. Start with a female sim (young adult recommended) and have one hundred babies over her reproductive lifetime or continue the task with one of her daughters.

Basic rules state that you cannot have a baby with the same sim twice. It differs from there. Some gamers allow babies to age up immediately. Others believe in reaching childhood milestones before advancing to the next age. Remember, you can only have eight sims per household. So, this is a strategy-based challenge. 

The Black Widow Challenge

Want to add a bit of darkness to your gameplay? Then look no further. This challenge holds an essential place in The Sims’ history, making its appearance in The Sims 2.

To complete this challenge, your sim must kill ten spouses while keeping tombstones on the lot. Advance this by performing all death types (drowning, fire, etc.). It’s best to start as a young adult sim. Recommended traits include romantic, materialistic, and snob.

Rules state to get married and throw a fancy dinner party to lure your newlywed into sweet security. After the party, find a new lover and move them in. Things escalate quickly from here. Get caught cheating before killing off your spouse and remarrying. Rinse and repeat. Make sure to add each tombstone to your… collection.

Wolf Pack Challenge 

Created by lilsimsie, this challenge makes the most of The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs expansion pack. Your starting household must include a single, dog-loving sim, six dogs, and one evil raccoon. Live off the land by collecting, fishing, or sending your dogs out to hunt. The challenge concludes when the home worth equals 50,000 simoleons or the raccoon dies; only fate will tell. 

Dollhouse Challenge 

Embrace your inner child with this building challenge. The rules are simple: build your house like a dollhouse, meaning the structure has an open back. Aside from the front door, doors can only be placed on the side of each room. The dollhouse must be five to seven tiles deep and at least two stories high. Check out the speed build below from The Sims 4 streamer neecxle.

What other challenges have you come across in The Sims 4? Have you tried any yourself? Let us know in the comments!