The Spirit and the Mouse
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The Spirit and the Mouse is now available at Epic Games Store

The Spirit and the Mouse

We will live a great adventure from the paws of a mouse.

Although we came from a period where the indies did not stand out, in recent months the market has been shaken by them. In addition, we have obtained games from established studios that maintain the essence of an indie. A clear example of this is Stray.

But, two months after the release of Stray, an indie has been released that looks like a continuation of the game. The Spirit and the Mouse is a new indie game that offers us a unique adventure that will surely leave a mark in your heart.

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The adventure of Lila in the small Sainte-et-Claire village

The Spirit and the Mouse presents us with an incredible adventure set in a small French village called Sainte-et-Claire. In this game, there is no boy in a blue raincoat or a boy in a green cap. We will be in the shoes, or rather paws, of Lila. A little mouse that will walk the cobblestone streets of the village while listening and helping troubled villages while collecting happiness for new abilities.

Lila, after being struck by lightning, meets an electric spirit. Together, they work to help the human village recover from mischief wrought by the Kibblins. This game presents a narrative adventure reminiscent of Stray. Not only in the style of gameplay, but they also share many gameplay elements.

If you want to experience another narrative adventure from the point of view of an animal, The Spirit and the Mouse is a great choice. For only $7, you’ll be getting a game that is sure to make you feel warm inside. You can get it now on PC via the Epic Games Store and Nintendo Switch.