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The Weirdest Weapons in Elden Ring

Bizarre and weird things aren’t uncommon in FromSoftware games, and we fans often love that. These are the weirdest weapons in Elden Ring.

The Ringed Finger

This odd weapon is a finger, as you can see. Albeit it’s a really big one. Fingers are a subject that’s often discussed all throughout Elden Ring, and it’s only right for a finger to be a weapon in the game. This heavy bludgeon is made from a finger cut off of an ancestor of a Fingercreeper (the grotesque enemies that resemble a hand), and multiple rings are put on it. The item description of the Ringed Finger says that it still exudes warmth, and that means it’s kind of still alive.

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Varre’s Bouquet

Varre is one of the first characters you will meet. He boldly points out how you’re maidenless and that’s sure to leave a mark. This ‘weapon’ is a bouquet of Bloodroses. But the item description says that they aren’t really Bloodroses and that it’s a steel mace that resembles the flowers. Still, the damage it deals is underwhelming. Although, you can certainly attempt to resolve the maidenless issue with the bouquet. Just be careful not to creep out any maidens as Varre does.

Jar Cannon

The Weirdest Weapons in Elden Ring

The item description of the Jar Cannon says how it was brought to the assault of Volcano manor where they discovered that no one knew how to use it. The very description of the weapon is somewhat humourous. Unlike them, however, you can use this powerful cannon to deal heavy damage. It’s very slow to reload, but it’s useful in dealing heavy damage at the start of a fight. One other thing that’s unique about it is how it does not scale with any stat. You can, however, upgrade it with Somber Smithing Stones.

Envoy’s Greathorn

The Weirdest Weapons in Elden Ring

You may have seen very round-looking enemies wielding this horn and sounding it, causing bubbles to appear from it. When you get your hands on this weapon, you will be able to use it as a huge hammer. While it certainly doesn’t look much like a hammer, it acts as one; as it can flatten enemies. It also has the special ability which enables you to blow the horn and damage enemies with the bubbles.

Grafted Dragon

The Weirdest Weapons in Elden Ring

Godrick the Grafted is one of the first major bosses you encounter in the game. He’s a very stubborn and vile individual with an ego. In the middle of your fight with him, he will cut off one of his arms and scream to the heavens. Then he will proceed to attach a Dragon’s head to the arm. This effectively turns the Dragon’s head into a flamethrower. It’s very cool to watch. You yourself can obtain this weapon by purchasing it from Enia at the Roundtable Hold. Obviously, with the Remembrance of Godrick. It’s one of the coolest weapons on this list.

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