The Witcher III
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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt coming to next-gen consoles later this year

The Witcher III

The version for the new generation of consoles will arrive to close with a flourish this 7th anniversary of the game

The Witcher III, despite being 7 years old this year, is still one of the best western RPGs to date. Compared by many with Skyrim, The Witcher III is a jewel of CD Projekt Red that marked a before and after in the company. For this reason, the game has reached each and every one of the current platforms. Although the version of next-gen consoles has not yet arrived, it is playable thanks to retro backward compatibility.

The community of these consoles has been asking for it for a long time. But, although these days there has been talk of a new supposed delay, it seems that this has changed. The Witcher’s Twitter account has confirmed that the next-gen exclusive version will arrive later this year.

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A new life for The Witcher III

Despite the game being 7 years old, it performs as if it were a current game. Many even consider it a game ahead of its time. For this reason, the game has transcended from the initial launch platforms to the Next-Gen consoles. Since, through The Witcher’ Twitter account, this information has been made public.

This free patch will update The Witcher III: Wild Hunt on the PS5 and Xbox X Series X|S, allowing for greater compatibility with the goodness of this generation of consoles. Improved textures, 60 FPS, HDR, 4K support, and more. These are some of the elements that Adam Kiciński, president and CEO of CD Projekt RED, has confirmed about this version of the game.

He has done so during a meeting after the presentation of the company’s financial results for the first half of 2022. Despite the lack of introduction of new content for this version, they see it necessary to release the next-gen patch in the last quarter of 2022. So that players of these consoles can get the best possible gaming experience.

Therefore, we could be getting this new version for PS5 and Xbox X Series X|S between October 1 and December 31. Although, the rumored dates are for the long-awaited Black Friday. Similarly, this new version will serve as a prelude to the new game of The Witcher that CD Projekt Red already has under development.