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There You Are, a beautiful narrative experience, stood out at NGDC

There You Are

Three selected game studios competed in the online pitch battle. Funky Dango’s beautiful creation There You Are stood out among the judges of the event.

The Nordic Game Discovery Contest took place this week at the Exposición de Videojuegos Argentina (EVA). The game that stood out above the others was Funky Dango’s There You Are. It is a narrative exploration of the past and acceptance of loss, with a graphic design inspired by stop-motion animation and two endings based on the player’s choices and actions.

Accept the death of family members and move forward

The game explores the theme of dueling via the story of a little girl, Su, and explores what has happened to her family, as well as the relationship between the young girl and her father as they progress and accept the past and the loss of her mother.

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While many games have already addressed this issue to some level, There You Are employs both storytelling methodologies and game design concepts to carefully build each plot beat and convey an emotional, sad story. The game was designed with the concept that the death of loved ones is unavoidable in life. Those of us who can recall our first encounters with death know that they may be terrifying and lonely.

Our first encounters with death, if treated with warmth, understanding, and compassion, may be a chance to learn about living and dying.

“To be a qualifier at Nordic Game was a happy surprise!! It was a big fortune for us could be selected to attend the Nordic Game Discovery Contest,” said Rong Deng, the founder of Funky Dango.

“We are so grateful that we could have the opportunity to show our game to publishers and get direct comments and feedback from them. Nordic Game provides us, indie developers, a bridge to discuss, and learn from each other. We cannot express how thankful we are!” he added.

There You Are is now available for free on itch.io. Funky Dango intends to release a Steam version of the game in the future. However, no specific release date is set for that version of the game.

Watch the game trailer down below!