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There’s a new teaser from Into the Echo, an MMORPG made with Unreal Engine 5

Into the Echo

Explore the mysteries of the past and build a new future in Etlok Studios’ upcoming MMORPG.

Etlok Studios, a Canadian developer, has released a teaser video for their forthcoming MMORPG project, Into The Echo. Into The Echo uses conventional features like as resource gathering, crafting, puzzle solving, and fighting to create next-generation social experiences, giving players the opportunity to develop their reputation and find their own unique purpose in this enchantingly realized shared universe.

A positive change for the genre.

The studio’s philosophy is to provide a fantastic player experience with a diverse cast of characters. Because each player in the game is an individual, the company strives to make each experience one-of-a-kind. This is an attempt to deviate from typical MMORPG design outcomes by allowing players to build their own identities within the game environment.

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The company plans to create a complete virtual universe that spans media channels and may serve as a launching pad for next-generation social interactions, with each participant having a distinct identity and purpose that motivates them to live the universe rather than simply enjoy it.

Journey through Raava.

All of this has been considered while developing the narrative of Raava, the planet on which Into the Echo will be set. Cosmic events in planet Raava’s history have changed its development, giving its inhabitants a special power known as Qen. Mysterious occurrences are going in place on this strange planet, and players will have to travel into the past to discover answers while learning about Raava’s rich history and profound culture.

Unreal Engine 5.

Into the Echo will be developed on the Unreal Engine 5, which is something to keep in mind given how few titles are currently in development that use this game engine. Despite the fact that it is still in early development stages, we can see the first images of how the Unreal Engine 5 will look in the new teaser video released today.

Into the Echo is still under development, but as shown in the teaser video, we will soon have a pre-alpha version where we will be able to learn more about this MMORPG that plans to change the genre.

Watch the new teaser trailer of Into the Echo here on Game Freaks 365.