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Those Who Came is a non-combat-based RPG presented today at Gamescom 2021

Those Who Came

RollDbox Games announced their new game, Those Who Came, today at Gamescom 2021. Its unique twist is non-violence.

The Spanish studio will be present on Floor 5 – RPG – booth 18 at the Indie Arena Booth-Arcade Village showing their new game. It is RollDbox Games’ debut release, bringing us a great tale to play in a cooperative setting, offering you an engaging experience and learning from the strength of the team.

Those Who Came is an immersive experience that will put your abilities to the test and stimulate your lateral thinking, with collaboration and teamwork being essential to progressing through the game. Violence will not make you win; your talents will, which is why lateral thinking is essential.

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The game is coming to PC via Steam.

Watch the trailer down below!