Thymesia is a fast-paced RPG launching this holiday


This December, OverBorder Studio’s tough RPG debut, Thymesia, provides fast-paced action with unique plague-powered skills.

Team17 and indie developer OverBorder Studio announced today the debut of their forthcoming RPG title, Thymesia, centered on the terrible plague. This brutal fast-paced action RPG will be released on PC around the holidays.

Survive while you defeat deadly infested monsters

Only the strange plague-masked Corvus — a half-human, half-raven hybrid – can uncover fragmented memories and unravel the secrets that lurk amid the plague-infected shadows.

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Thymesia‘s shadowy protagonist is a ferocious adversary for the monsters that lurk in the gloom, combining acquired plague powers with perfectly timed parries and dynamic dodges to smite them. He is armed with a pair of ravening weapons that can seize the plague from enemies and harness the abilities for himself.

As Corvus, players may take illnesses from adversaries and utilize them as lethal weapons while avoiding death by dodging strikes and parrying at precisely the correct time.

The opponents, corrupted by the virus and transformed into monsters, are twisted and highly vicious, attacking players at every step on a nasty and dismal background environment.

Release date

Thymesia is coming to PC via Steam on December 7, 2021.

Watch the Thymesia release date trailer down below!


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