Thymesia is finally coming out this summer for PC and next-gen consoles


The upcoming game from OverBorder Studio presents an action RPG with hints of the Souls genre.

Nine months have passed since we last talked about Thymesia, and it finally has a release date. Indie studio OverBorder Studio, in conjunction with Team 17, revealed today the release date of their next game. Thymesia, an action RPG that will transport players to a terrible plague, will be released on PC and next-gen consoles this summer.

All action RPG fans will have to step into the shoes of Corvus, the mysterious masked man. We will battle through the plague-ridden and blood-soaked streets of Hermes against the unforgiving enemies that now inhabit the once-thriving city.

Uncover the truth of this dark and deadly world

Putting ourselves in Corvus’ place, we will have the task of uncovering the truth and saving Hermes in Thymesia. To do so, we will use plague-powered weapons reaved from fallen foes. With them, we can perform devastating attacks on enemies and overcome impossible odds; and in this way, uncover the truth that is hidden in the memories of Corvus.


Like any good RPG, we will be able to improve and modify the basic movements and plague weapons that Corvus will possess throughout the adventure. All this is in addition to equipment that will help us with certain perks that will improve our gaming experience.

After it was announced in August last year for Steam, OverBorder Studio delayed its release date a bit. The goal of this was to release a much more polished version of the title, in addition to the next-gen console versions. As such, Thymesia will be coming to Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam on August 9.

If you want to try Thymesia before its release, from today until May 9 you can test the demo on Steam.

Check out the Thymesia release date announcement trailer below!

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