Ticket to Europe is a text-based adventure game about refugees

Ticket to Europe is a text-based RPG about refugees

Ticket to Europe is based on actual events.

Indie studio Act Zero is demoing their debut game at Steam Next Fest. Ticket to Europe is unique in that the plot deals with complex socio-political issues that are based on real events.

The game draws inspiration from the ongoing Syrian civil war and the ensuing refugee journey to Europe as well as games like 80 Days, Papers Please, and This War of Mine. You play as a struggling journalist who decides to cover the plight of refugees to get your big break.

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“The journey continuously defies your naïve expectations as you realize that this might be more than you could handle,” the indie developer tells us in an email.

The indie developers say that they have done extensive research and visited an actual refugee camp. It’s obvious that they took care to retell actual stories of refugees in a way that is both mindful and sensitive.

Ticket to Europe screenshot

According to Act Zero, the game has thousands of dialogue choices, making the game replayable. They estimate that the game is roughly ten hours long through a single playthrough with “more than 30 hours of content” in total.

Ticket to Europe is featured as part of Steam Next Fest. You can find a free demo on Steam. The full game is coming out in Q1 2023.