Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 Review

Developer: EA Sports Publisher: EA Sports
Release Date: November 1, 2002 Available On: GCN, PS2, and Xbox

Golf games have a long and storied history of being incredibly boring. Of course, so did golf altogether until Tiger Woods came along. Thankfully, EA has really caught the tiger by the tail this year and gone ahead to create the best golf game ever created. It?s not as realistic as Links for the PC or hardcore like Outlaw Golf, but it is the perfect mix of the two. Fun and realistic. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 has it made.

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The player models are stunning. The players look more real than anything you could see on a gaming console. The golfers clothes have texture and shake in the wind. The courses are beautifully rendered and show effects from the weather. The grass and the leaves move in the wind. The ground gets soggy in the rain and gets chopped up by your golf clubs. When the balls fall into the water, you can see it splash and the water around it ripple. Truly outstanding graphics.

Unlike most sports games where the commentary is repetitive and boring, Tiger Woods 2003 has excellent announcing and using the Dolby 5:1 on the Xbox only makes you feel as if you were really on the course. This is true for all the consoles if you have HD TV and surround sound in your gaming area. The in game music is fantastic and plays in well if played during the game.

This game offers many modes that are not seen in any of the other golfing games. If anything, Tiger Woods 2003 should be given an award for just how different it is from any other golfing game around. The game plays easier then any golf games before it. They did away with the power meter and total revamped the system. Now you use the analog stick to swing you club and other buttons to control the power in your swing and the spin on your ball while it is in the air. In this game you can actually make putts unlike in most games where it takes forever to sink the easiest shot. Everything with the analog stick just makes the game easier.

There are plenty of courses and challenges to keep you playing this game for a long time. With the combination of arcade game play and real golf is great. In one word, you can easily describe this game; flawless. The character building is genius and the game is fun to play. You just cannot stop playing this game. You can even sign up on the EA Sports website and get codes on your game and compare your scores to everyone else?s and see who the best Tiger Woods 2003 player is in the world. The only thing that would make the game better than the way it already is would be online play which is conspicuously absent from all consoles. But still, just a simply amazing game.

Graphics: 10
Sound: 9.5
Gameplay: 9.5
Creativity: 9.5
Replay Value/Game Length: 9.5
Final: 9.4
Written by Shawn Review Guide

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