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Time Crisis 4 Ships Exclusively for PS3

Namco Bandai Games America announced today that Time Crisis 4 has shipped to North American retailers exclusively for the PlayStation 3. Delivering the smash-hit arcade experience to homes everywhere, Time Crisis 4 breaks new ground in the series by introducing an original first-person shooter (FPS) mode in which players take full control over the on-screen action; moving, aiming and shooting at enemies. Time Crisis 4 comes bundled with the advanced Guncon 3 controller which allows players to target enemies with unprecedented precision and style.

Building on the shooting gameplay of the arcade hit, Time Crisis 4 features a comprehensive story mode that combines the series’ traditional shooting action with fully interactive FPS stages. In the traditional shooting stages, players take on the role of partners Giorgio Bruno and Evan Bernard as they blast their way through 10 fast-paced, tightly scripted stages. In between these stages, players will experience five FPS stages told through the perspective of Captain William Rush in a parallel storyline. A first in the series, these FPS stages let players move and shoot independently through large environments, controlling their character entirely with the Guncon3.

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Detailing two unique sides of this international military thriller, the new mission structure provides incredible gameplay variety and pacing as players move between different play styles throughout the game. Two players can play cooperatively through the game’s traditional shooting stages as well as more than 15 sharp shooting mini-games. Players can also unlock Crisis Missions, self-contained scenarios with unique objectives and mission parameters, as they play through the game.