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Time Loader

Enjoy every moment of this retro puzzle platformer that plays a lot with physics.

Critically acclaimed when it was released on PC last year, Meta Publishing in conjunction with Flazm has announced that Time Loader is out now for consoles. Time Loader offers an unparalleled adventure that will transport players back to the 90s, thanks to its mechanics of playing with physics and time.

This innovative platform game will transport you back to the nostalgic 1990s. As a homemade RC robot, navigate around the wired technology of the past, where you’ll have a very vital mission: save your creator from one of those life-changing incidents.

Explore the maze that is your creator’s childhood house in the 1990s, while upgrading yourself along the way. As you continue and adjust the chronology to create the future your creator desires, use created things to make harpoons, thrusters, and screwdrivers while solving smart physics-based puzzles.

Time Loader

A small change can alter the rest of the story

Immerse yourself in an engrossing adventure, with your robot friend guiding you through the aches and pains of the other timelines you’ll inevitably create. It’s worth noting that Time Loader has three different endings, each of which is determined by the choices you make inside the game. So carefully select the pieces you move, as a single movement might dramatically alter the game’s plot.

After a successful launch on PC last year, Time Loader is now available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

Watch the game trailer down below!