Time Master
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Time Master launches on Steam

Time Master

This 3D puzzle platformer has a fascinating tale and neatly timed challenges.

MorpheusZ Games has announced that Time Master, its latest platformer and puzzle game, is now available on Steam. Time Master is a fun, completely voice-acted narrative full of shocks and humor that blends wonderfully created visuals with carefully crafted puzzles.

A time manipulation puzzle game

Put yourself in the shoes of Zeno, a magician who has been forced to imprison his sister in a prison vortex. Zeno is torn between freeing his sister and risking another prisoner in the vortex escaping after swearing never to use time magic again. Players will experience a series of spoken cinematic sequences as Zeno’s quest develops.

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Time Master

Assist Zeno in completing a range of timed problems with his former self in order to reclaim time fragments. To overcome difficulties in each problem and get the required pieces, rewind and freeze time at crucial points.

Time Master is a PC game that can be purchased via Steam. With a 40% launch discount, you can get your hands on this intriguing puzzle platformer.

Watch the trailer down below!