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Tintin Match is a new story-driven puzzle game based on the Tintin comic

Tintin Match

The comic character Tintin is getting a new match-three puzzle game on mobile. It’s called Tintin Match.

Tintin Match is a story-driven, match-three game where you progress through colorful puzzles built around the universe of Tintin. As you follow the famous reporter on his adventures you will take on puzzle challenges to unlock and collect iconic Tintin locations and characters known from the books.

Here’s more on Tintin Match from 5th Planet Games:

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The Crab with the Golden Claws is the first adventure you’ll encounter in the game: The day starts like any other for Tintin and Snowy, but a mystery is always around the corner! Snowy gets his snout stuck inside a crab tin, Thompson & Thomson are investigating counterfeit money, and a stranger gets kidnapped before he can deliver a letter to Tintin. Could all those threads lead to a much bigger mystery?

In order to unravel the mystery perplexing Tintin, you are going to have to beat a selection of hand-crafted match 3 puzzles, each of them sure to challenge the problem solver in you! Obstacle in the way? A piece out of reach? Turns running out? Bring out your best strategies and achieve three stars on the first attempt!

This game is separate from The Adventures of Tintin that Microids announced earlier this year. That game is an action-adventure coming to PC and consoles rather than mobile devices.

As for Tintin Match, it is coming to Android and iOS. The upcoming release follows a successful beta on Google Play. The full release is available starting August 31 on both Google Play for Android and the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad.