Tiny Combat Arena
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Tiny Combat Arena is coming to Steam Early Access this month

Tiny Combat Arena

Start an air war in this low poly simulator.

Tiny Combat Arena, MicroProse’s new combat aviation simulator, will be available in Early Access on February 22. Tiny Combat Arena is a combat flight simulator that seeks to achieve the ideal mix between a simulator and a customized and accessible air combat experience. All of this is done in a stylized low poly style that reflects a hypothetical Cold War conflict.

The fight on the battlefield begins

The fun factor of flight, dogfighting, and close air support is emphasized in Tiny Combat Arena. Simulation features are incorporated into the game to provide entertaining and deep gameplay. Simple physics, such as knowing that shooting a missile from a high height increases its range, opens you to a new world of tactics to experiment with.

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Tiny Combat Arena

Players may plan their actions on the strategic map in Arena mode, selecting targets, identifying threats, and deciding which units to support and where they can make a difference. There is a real war raging all around you, and gamers will be actively involved, with noticeable repercussions.

The database in the game not only provides precise statistics on vehicles, planes, and weapons but also advises players on how to approach various tactical situations. As a result, players will know what to choose at the perfect time to win.

On February 22, Tiny Combat Arena will be available on Steam Early Access. This Early Access edition is an invitation to all fans to join in on the project and contribute. As a result, the developers can concentrate on the components that need to be changed or improved in preparation for the game’s complete release.

Watch the game trailer down below!