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Tinykin is coming to PC and consoles this summer


See the world from a tiny perspective with the interstellar explorer Milo.

Tinykin, a new game from Splashteam and Tiny Build, will be released this summer on PC and consoles. The experience that cosmic explorer Milo along with the people of the small Tinykin awaits them has been revealed via a dev vlog featuring co-directors Romain Claude and Marie Marquet.

Venture into this giant world! Or are you just too small?

Tinykin is a game of exploration first and foremost, inspired by genre classics like Pikmin and Paper Mario, as well as Saturday morning cartoons from the 1990s. Each area in the home where Milo is imprisoned is a massive explorable environment with its own cultures, civilizations, and challenges to solve.

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Milo utilizes his strength to lift massive things, create ladders to climb, and open new routes when subtlety fails to unlock new doors, with the assistance of a swarm of enigmatic but helpful creatures known as Tinykin. Milo is a platforming prodigy, capable of crossing large distances with his bubble glider and moving about the home while surfing on a bar of soap.

Tinykin launches this summer on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Watch the dev vlog down below!