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Tinytopia, the cute toy-like city builder with a distinct aesthetic, is coming soon to PC.

The new indie game, from Mastiff and MeNic Games, was announced today. This lighthearted take on the city-building genre will be available later this month for Windows PC and Mac. The developers say that Linux compatibility is coming at a later date.

The spiritual successor of Balancity

As the mayor of Tinytopia, you must construct and manage thriving toy villages and cities for your inhabitants, while protecting them from all kinds of adorable disasters in this humorous and charming city-building game.

Expect a fun combination of city-building, physics-based puzzles, and gratifying destruction. You must utilize toy building blocks to develop spectacular structures and convert beautiful villages into busy metropolises.

With over 80 building blueprints to uncover, the game has a novel, physics-based mechanism in which small building blocks may be merged and piled on top of one another to construct magnificent giant buildings.

A tiny Sim City?

But be aware! In Tinytopia, you must protect your little population from disasters such as storms, fires, monster assaults, UFOs, or (much funnier) turn a switch and watch it all collapse. That sounds a lot like another city builder that I remember fondly: Sim City 2000.

Tinytopia will be available on PC and Mac on August 30.

Watch the Tinytopia trailer down below!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqDFBDjUVzE&w=1280&h=721]

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