TOCA Race Driver 2 Review

Developer: Codemasters Publisher: Codemasters
Release Date: April 13, 2004 Also On: None

TOCA Race Driver 2 is yet another racing game for the Xbox. Next to only FPS’, the Xbox is a bastion of driving titles, from Project Gotham to Rallisport Challenge 2. TOCA 2 is the newest addition to what is easily the strongest racing console in modern-day gaming history.

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Here’s a rundown of how the game plays. TOCA 2 offers a large amount of realistic racing competitions. You’ll race in super truck competitions, Formula Ford, Stockcar Oval Racing, Ice-Racing, Sports Car Racing, Street Racing, the works. The Fact Sheet says there are 31 locations, both fictional and actual, along with 48 tracks. I didn’t use my fingers to count, so we’ll have to take them for their word, but I was impressed by the game’s variety in races, vehicles, and indeed tracks.

In TOCA 2, sort of like R-Racing Evolution for the GCN, you’ll have a storyline to follow in the career mode. You’re a start-up racer, looking for a sponsor. To gain fame, you’ll need to compete and win various championship races, throughout the globe. Placing in top positions will guarantee your continuance through the game’s many tournaments. Cut-scenes will display the game’s characters and run you through the objectives that need to be accomplished.

TOCA 2 is special mainly due to the game’s variety, not seen in any other racer ever before. Once you feel comfortable with one vehicle, the next race will feature something completely different, throwing you off with the controls, grip, and speed. This game requires adaptation to nearly every racing aspect, including how fast you go into turns and things such as that. The courses can be manageable on straight-aways from the get-go, but once you veer into a turn, you better be settled in to the control configuration, or else the computer AI will tear into your position.

One of the game’s best races is the Ice-Racing. The track is either covered with snow or ice, possibly both, and it makes you feel like you’re driving in Indiana. Living here, it’s fun to see in a video game how accurately snow-driving is portrayed. For newcomers, it won’t be easy, but for us vets of white powder, you should breeze to victory.

TOCA 2 is a gorgeous game. The reflections off the vehicles are impressive alone. The cut-scenes are crafted nicely, and fun to watch. The tracks are equally well thought-out. The best part is the realistic, possibly too realistic, body damage that will be inflicted upon your vehicle when it takes hits. This will also affect your vehicle’s performance.

If you’re a veteran racer, TOCA 2 is definitely for you. This is not sissy driving; in fact, if you are inexperienced in the least bit in any of these races, you’ll get pounded by the computer AI. Where Midnight Club 2 succeeded in challenging us in an arcade environment, TOCA 2 challenges us in a sim environment. There’s simply nothing like this, so I must easily recommend a purchase.

Graphics: 9.5
Sound: 9.5
Gameplay: 9.5
Creativity: 9
Replay Value/Game Length: 8.5
Final: 9.6
Written by Kyle Review Guide

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