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Tokobot Jumps to PSP

Tecmo announced today that Tokobot, its newest action/platformer game made exclusively for the PlayStation Portable, ships to stores nationwide today and will be available in retailers across the country this week. Delivering an equal balance of fast paced action and brain teasing puzzles, Tokobot is a must have title for all types of gamers this holiday season. Young and old alike will fall in love with this whimsical PSP system title whose charm lays in its quirky animation, challenging puzzles, cute characters and refreshingly unique game play.

“Tokobot’s originality is what sets it aside from all other PSP system games on the market today. Developed exclusively for the PSP system, its fun and addicting game play is a perfect match for gamers on the go� John Inada, Tecmo’s General Manager said. “After 5 minutes of playing, gamers will fall in love with Tokobot, I did!�

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