Tormented Souls is out now on PC and PS5

Tormented Souls

Fans of classic horror survival video games can now receive more of the thrills and scares they crave in Tormented Souls.

Tormented Souls – a new survival horror game from PQube, Dual Effect, and Abstract Digital Works – has been released. The game is a return to fixed-perspective survival horror, inspired by cult classics like Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

You are never alone in the dark

Players explore the disappearance of missing twin girls amid the corridors of an abandoned mansion-turned-hospital in the isolated hamlet of Winterlake. Every turn brings unspeakable atrocities and mind-bending trials. To uncover the mystery — and survive the night – players must gather and mix materials, create weapons, and solve riddles.

Caroline must battle for her life as she wanders the hallways of the abandoned house, waking up in the middle of the night, nude and alone, hooked up to ancient medical equipment. Players must gather critical supplies and equipment to interpret clues and construct a range of weaponry to protect themselves from the evil within while the previous residents run amok.

The mansion may appear desolate and abandoned, yet the farther you go, the more terrifying the monsters within become. From scary wheelchair-bound atrocities to nasty disemboweled crawlers stalking the hallways, Caroline is not alone in facing these tortured creatures.

Tormented Souls is now available digitally on PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam for $19.99, as well as physically on the PlayStation 5 for $39.99. Versions for the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch are coming out shortly.

Watch the Tormented Souls launch trailer down below!

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