Townsmen VR got a massive update today that changes the whole game

Townsmen VR

The latest Townsmen VR update is more of a complete overhaul than a regular update.

Townsmen VR is nearing the end of its Steam Early Access phase, and HandyGames, the developer behind this title for VR city builders, has announced that the game has received its most recent update. You will no longer be playing on a solitary island in the middle of nowhere; instead, you will have access to an entire world to explore and interact with.

HandyGames’ title has been in constant flux in Steam Early Access over the last years. From minor changes to the game to bug fixes that prevent you from progressing on your island, this new update may completely change the course of the game’s future.

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The Townsmen VR world has changed dramatically. Whereas in the previous version of the Early Access, you could only explore one island because the game was intended as a tech demo, you can now start on the tutorial island and expand your empire to a world of 13 different islands and archipelagoes.

It’s jam-packed with exciting features, adventures, and things to get your hands on. The crafting system has now been expanded to include up to 20 different raw materials with which to build, carve, bake, and smelt goods. Knights are a good example.

Townsmen VR is available now on PC via Steam Early Access.

Watch the game showcase trailer down below.

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