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Trackmania is out now on PC


The Trackmania remake is now available at Epic Games Store and Uplay. Starter Access is available for free, Standard Access for $9.99, and Club Access for $29.99.

The remake combines “easy-to-learn, hard-to-master gameplay with a fresh look,” Ubisoft says. “Players can compete against themselves and others through solo or multiplayer on regularly updated tracks.”

Build the track of your dreams

Trackmania has always been about custom tracks, and this version of the game is no exception. Ubisoft Nadeo has revamped track blocks and editors to give players “more freedom to create their own tracks and take advantage of the new map testing servers to share their custom tracks for the community to test and rate.”

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Community events have easy in-game access and provide esports opportunities to players of all skill levels. There’s everything from in-game competitions to international open leagues. Spectators and players can enjoy pro-level matches at the Trackmania Grand League twice a year.

What’s included for free?

As we’ve previously reported, the free Starter Access tier provides access to 25 tracks from the official campaign. The free tier also lets you experience player-made tracks in the Arcade Channel. Players will also be able to use the main creative editors and compete weekly in the Nations League.

Meanwhile, Standard Access offers additional creation tools and online events. Club Access provides further customization opportunities and allows players to socialize in-game. Both paid tiers allow players to keep the “Official” tracks, “Tracks of the Day” and the advanced Track editor, even after the year ends.

My Take

Fans of Trackmania should feel right at home with this remake. And since Ubisoft is making the game free to play without annoying microtransactions – at least for basic access – it’s a no-risk proposition to try it out.

Watch the launch trailer below!