Trackmania will have three different pricing tiers, including a free option


Ubisoft has announced the pricing structure for the upcoming remake of Trackmania. It will have three different tiers, including a free Starter Access tier.

Here are the different pricing tiers:

Starter Access

This tier is free for players to race solo or multiplayer on quarterly renewed official campaigns, including 25 tracks. Players can earn medals and record scores in regional rankings. You will be able to enjoy other player’s creations on the Arcade Channel, try various editors (tracks, replays, and skins), and map review servers. The weekly Nations League is also available for casual competitions.

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Standard Access

In addition to the free content, Standard Access expands the content available with player creations, including the “Track of the Day” selection. It also grants full access to replay, track editors, and map review servers. Additionally, players can participate in daily competitions and keep every “Track of the Day” and “Official” campaign track. One year of standard access is available for $9.99.

Club Access

Including the above, Club Access allows players to join their favorite clubs to access exclusive content and activities such as skin customization, special campaigns, online rooms, training tracks, and competitions. They can also create their own club to share their creations and organize events. Players can participate in the Open Grand League, organized by Ubisoft Nadeo, and try to qualify for the Trackmania Grand League. One year of the Club Access is available for $29.99 or three years for $59.99.

Trackmania is available for preorder on Epic Games and Uplay. The game launches on July 1.