Trashed launches in Steam Early Access today

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The garbage management action-adventure Trashed enters Steam Early Access later today.

“In Trashed, you build structures for waste management from a top-down perspective and protect them with various weapons that you can find or buy on the planet,” the game’s developer says.

Trashed features vehicles to traverse the surface of each planet faster or to help you push trash into incinerators or recyclers. The Early Access release features three worlds to explore as well as a day and night system.

In addition, each of the worlds has different enemies, loot crates, three different vehicles to drive, and ten structures to build your facility. In addition to a story mode, there is also co-op multiplayer.

According to publisher Crescent Moon Games, the game will remain in Early Access for a year. It is scheduled to go live on Steam at 6 AM Eastern.

Watch a trailer for Trashed below!

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