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Trauma Center Goes Under Knife Again

Atlus U.S.A. today issued a prescription of good news for fans Trauma Center. Trauma Center: Second Opinion was confirmed as a launch title for Nintendo’s new, highly anticipated console —Wii, which is poised to take the video game world by storm in the fourth quarter of 2006. This robust “Wii-make” of Under the Knife features new graphics and animation, new surgical implements and operation types, a second playable character with all-new missions, multiple difficulty modes for gamers of all skill levels, and a revised control system that takes full advantage of the revolutionary Wii Remote and Nunchuk-style controller.

In addition, thanks to a wave of demand triggered by the launch of the Nintendo DS Lite, Trauma Center: Under the Knife will receive a second re-release, toarrive at retail in mid-August. Under the Knife has been hailed by critics as“arguably the most compelling use of the touch screen yet [Modojo]…One of the most creative and entertaining experiences the DS has offered [GotNext].”

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