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Tribes of Midgard Season 2: Serpent Saga is coming this month

Tribes of Midgard Season 2: Serpent Saga

After a successful worldwide launch, Tribes of Midgard will receive Season 2: Serpent Saga this month.

Norsfell, in collaboration with Gearbox Publishing, announced today that Tribes of Midgard Season 2: Serpent Saga will be available for PC and PlayStation consoles in the middle of this month. This new update significantly expands the content of Norsfell’s roguelite survival RPG.

Tribes of Midgard will receive a new season after reaching a community of one million players. Season 2: Serpent Saga adds a ton of content for players, including a new season’s journey, a saga chief, an open sea biome, weapons and armor, five new Runes, boats and ships, swimming, and several quality-of-life improvements.

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Vikings, get ready for new adventures!

With the advent of Ships and Swimming in this new Serpent Saga, players may explore new horizons of Midgard. Boats and swimming are a lot of fun but don’t get too sidetracked since you still have another saga boss to fight before Fimbulwinter. Players must race against the approaching winter to locate and uncover the mystery new boss’s island stronghold.

You will now encounter another enigmatic yet strong mythical beast before Fimbulwinter, similar to the deadly Fenrir from the first season. Set sail to discover and uncover the beast’s lair, then destroy the beast to bring Ragnarök to an end.

Furthermore, players will be able to explore the broad waters and unexplored islands off the coast of Midgard in search of merchants and new beacon camps loaded with all-new turrets and adversaries. The extended map enables you to explore new territories teeming with resources, foes, and loot. There is, however, a harder challenge in that you must cross this extended area to uncover and battle the Saga Boss before Fimbulwinter.

Upcoming content and Yulidays event

Along with the unveiling of the second season, Norsfell has also revealed an updated Tribes of Midgard roadmap for 2022 and beyond, which includes a new saga boss type, fishing, farming, horses, housing, and much more.

From December 14 until January 3, players will be able to participate in the Yulidays seasonal event, which will allow them to check out all fresh Norsfell has in store for them in the next year. Players will be able to acquire cosmetics, a pet, and other seasonal gifts as part of three limited-time Holiday Challenges, as well as a themed village and main menu, for three weeks.

Tribes of Midgard Season 2: Serpent Saga is available for free on December 14. The base game is out now for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 as well as the PC.