True Crime: New York Ships for PC

True Crime: New York City for the PC, being published by Aspyr Media, has begun shipping today. The game puts players into the role of Marcus Reed, a former gang member turned cop, who confronts four of New York’s most deadly crime syndicates as he hunts down the murderer of his mentor, all while cleaning up neighborhoods from Chinatown to Harlem to Times Square. Mastering five fighting styles, advanced weaponry, special driving maneuvers and all-new interrogation tactics, gamers choose to walk the straight line and move up the police ranks or cross the limits of their authority.

Taking place in a present-day Manhattan, True Crime: New York City is set in an authentic recreation of the Big Apple, and includes landmarks, subways, interiors, GPS-accurate streets and real neighborhoods. If players allow crime to go unchecked in any of Manhattan’s dynamically changing neighborhoods, buildings and foliage will visibly deteriorate, the crime rate will soar, the streets will fill with trash, potholes and unsavory characters. Alternately, if players clamp down on crime in one of the many neighborhoods, crime rates fall and visual improvements will indicate the areas progress.

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