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Tunic is an action-adventure game with a playable demo at Steam Next Fest


From the same developer of Chicory and Night in the Woods, Tunic is an action-adventure game shrouded in mystery and intrigue.

Finji, a tiny Michigan-based indie dev, revealed that their next project, Tunic, will have a playable demo at the Steam Next Fest starting today. Tunic is an action-adventure game about a small fox that finds himself in a huge world where he doesn’t belong.

A relaxed action adventure game

Tunic is designed to replicate memories of classic action-adventure games. The game follows a brave little fox as he explores a new country where danger lurks around every corner. Discover one-of-a-kind objects, new fighting tactics, and cryptic truths as our hero navigates an exciting new world.

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Stranded on a lonely beach with nothing but your curiosity, you will face gigantic monsters, gather unusual and powerful objects, and uncover long-lost mysteries. Tunic takes you on an adventure into a country full of lost stories, ancient abilities, and deadly monsters.

Tunic is scheduled to be released for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC via Steam in Q1 2022. You can play the demo and add the game to your wishlist right now.

Watch the gameplay demo trailer down below!