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Turok: Escape from Lost Valley is an adorable, isometric action game

Seemingly out of nowhere, Turok: Escape from Lost Valley will be released later this month on Steam.

This isn’t the Turok that you remember from the N64, though. This is an isometric action-adventure game with cute character designs.

Are we sold? Not really. It feels like they’re just using the Turok name for notoriety. Still, the game does look fairly interesting if you squint and ignore that this is supposed to be set inside the Turok universe.

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From the developers at Pillow Pig Games:

In Turok: Escape from Lost Valley, you wake from a long sleep as Turok and adventure alongside Andar through the dangerous world of the Lost Valley as you seek to find a path home.

Encounter iconic creatures from the Turok comic series with a cute but dangerous twist. Master the art of the knife and the bow as you encounter adorable but deadly enemies, discover a path through unique environments, and choose the best weapon for the enemy in front of you.

Live the adventure! Confront your foes, assist primordial natives, and keep Andar and yourself alive as you Escape from Lost Valley!

Escape from Lost Valley launches on July 25, 2019.