Turok Resurrected

An uncertain future greeted the Turok franchise after Acclaim filed bankruptcy last fall. A new publisher has found its way to the five million unit selling franchise that originally appeared on the Nintendo 64. Buena Vista Games seems an unlikely candidate, being that they’re an arm of Disney. Nonetheless, they will publish future games in the series on current-generation consoles, handhelds, and next-generation consoles.

“BVG is committed to building Turok into one of their cornerstone franchises to reach the core gamer through exciting new platforms. We couldn’t ask for a more enthusiastic team to develop Turok,” said Leslie Levine, VP of Licensing at BVG. “Through compelling new technology, game design and graphics, it is our goal to take the Turok franchise to new heights,â€? said Josh Holmes, vice president and studio general manager for Propaganda Games, the new developer.

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