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Turrican Anthology, collector’s editions celebrate 30 years of Turrican

Turrican Ultra Collector's Edition Anthology

The classic run-and-gun Turrican is having its 30th anniversary this year. To celebrate, Factor 5 and Strictly Limited Games are releasing Turrican Anthology for Nintendo Switch and PS4 along with two collector’s editions.

Shown during Gamescom with a new trailer, the franchise returns in two separate anthologies. You can find the games in each anthology below.

Turrican Anthology Volume 1

  • Turrican (Amiga)
  • Turrican 2 (Amiga)
  • Super Turrican (SNES)
  • Super Turrican Director’s Cut (SNES)
  • Mega Turrican Score Attack (MD/GEN)

Turrican Anthology Volume 2

  • Turrican 3 (Amiga)
  • Mega Turrican (MD/GEN)
  • Mega Turrican Director’s Cut (MD/GEN)
  • Super Turrican 2 (SNES)
  • Super Turrican 1 Score Attack (SNES)


The classic series comes with a selection of filters and borders to customize the experience. Additionally included is the fabled and long-lost Super Turrican Director’s Cut, which features all the cut content reinstated, as well as the brand new Score Attack version.

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German composer Chris Huelsbeck has fully remastered and re-arranged the game’s soundtrack. Players can choose between the original chiptune soundtracks or the new, remastered version.

Limited Supply

Turrican Anthology Volume 1 and Turrican Anthology Volume 2 will be available in limited supplies. The Nintendo Switch is limited to 3,500 copies for each volume worldwide. The PlayStation 4 editions are limited to 2,000 copies each worldwide.

The Turrican Collector’s Edition and the Turrican Ultra Collector’s Edition include both anthologies and a number of extras. One of the bonuses is a full-length Blu-ray documentary with developer interviews and an in-depth look into the world of Turrican.

The anthologies are priced at €34.99 each, which converts to $41. Meanwhile, the Collector’s Edition is €99.99 ($119) and the Turrican Ultra Collector’s Edition is €199.99 ($238). Pre-orders are now open on the Strictly Limited Games website. Their website mentions that they ship worldwide.

My Take

The individual anthologies are a tad bit expensive considering they only come with five retro games each. However, the two different collector’s edition options are a better value if you’re a really hardcore Turrican fan.

Watch the 30th anniversary trailer below!