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Turrican Flashback launches with four classics on PS4 and Switch

Turrican Flashback

Turrican Flashback is out today on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. The compilation is available in both a physical boxed edition and a digital edition.

The classic games have been reworked for modern control schemes, a rewind feature, and save states. You can also customize your experience with shaders, wallpapers, and different display options.

The four classics included with the compilation are:

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  • Turrican 
  • Turrican II: The Final Fight
  • Mega Turrican
  • Super Turrican 

If you’re wondering, Turrican Flashback is separate from Turrican Anthology, which celebrated the franchise’s 30th anniversary. That came out last year from Strictly Limited Games.

Watch a trailer for the compilation below!