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Turtle Beach REACT-R Xbox controller launches in US


Now Xbox gamers will have the sensitive edge they need to be crowned the best gamer.

Few companies stand out for their high performance in peripherals. Turtle Beach, without a doubt, rarely disappoints gamers. This has been achieved with products ranging from microphones, headphones, and controllers that have allowed gamers the greatest possible advantages.

Therefore, Turtle Beach has brought to the American market its new product in controllers called REACT-R for Xbox. It’s a controller that takes advantage of Turtle Beach’s patented Superhuman Hearing technology to give gamers a sound advantage that will allow them to enhance their gameplay.

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A controller with Superhuman Hearing Technology

From locating enemy bullets to hearing players’ footsteps, this is what the new REACT-R Controller designed for Xbox offers. Following the success in the UK market, Turtle Beach has brought this new controller to the United States. It’s a controller which many users are calling a gamepad that looks, feels, and plays like a more premium product.

The new REACT-R is inspired by Turtle Beach’s other line of controllers, the Recon Controller. The REACT-R controller offers the best in build quality in grips, handles, triggers, and the two mappable quick-action buttons that gamers can use for quicker reactions.

Accompanying the Superhuman Hearing technology, the REACT-R Controller features a 3.5mm jack, game and voice chat volume controls, and an easy-access mute button. In addition to this, it features 2 rumble motors that will make you feel explosions, the recoil, and more.

If you want to get your hands on the new REACT-R controller from Turtle Beach, you can get it for just $39.99. So, if you’re looking for a value-priced controller, this REACT-R is definitely for you!