Turtle Beach Scout Air
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Turtle Beach Scout Air Wireless Ear Buds are now available for pre-order

Turtle Beach Scout Air

Turtle Beach offers ergonomics and portability without losing audio and voice quality.

The Scout Air, a new totally wireless in-ear gaming headset from Turtle Beach, was announced today. This wireless headset is made for console and PC gamers who want convenience and portability without sacrificing audio or speech quality.

The Turtle Beach Scout Air is an accessory for mobile, PC, and Nintendo Switch with a Game Mode and 60ms low latency to ensure that you get all of the sounds you need during combat. It also has a 20-hour battery life and is sweat and water-resistant to IPX4, allowing you to listen to music or podcasts while exercising in between gaming sessions.

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This wireless headset comes with twin microphones for optimal clarity, as well as multiple ear cushions for a comfortable fit during lengthy gaming sessions. They also have proprietary touch controls that let you choose preset EQ settings, enable the aforementioned Game Mode, and instantly access volume controls.

Turtle Beach Scout Air

The Turtle Beach Audio Hub app, which is available for mobile devices, can be used to keep track of the headset’s battery life. When the battery runs out, we can charge them in the dock, which also doubles as a storage space, and get an extra 5 hours of autonomy in just 15 minutes!

The Turtle Beach Scout Air is available for pre-order on the Turtle Beach website starting today for $99.99. If you’re interested in getting your hands on a Scout Air, click here to pre-order.

Watch the announcement trailer of these ear buds down below.