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Turtle Beach Velocity One Flight simulation controller sells out within minutes

VelocityOne Flight

After being put up for pre-order, the product was sold out in less than a day. In some countries, it sold out in less than 15 minutes!

The VelocityOne Flight simulation controller, which was unveiled at E3, was the fastest pre-ordered device in Turtle Beach’s history. The controller sold out in less than a day after more than 21,000 fans pre-ordered it, marking a historic milestone for Turtle Beach. It officially launched yesterday, but no one can get their hands on one.

An true-to-life flight simulation controller

VelocityOne Flight is a full flight control system created in partnership with aviation experts and pilots, as well as by a dedicated Turtle Beach team with over two decades of experience developing multiple world-class flight simulation and racing controllers. Turtle Beach’s unique VelocityOne Flight simulation control device is ideal for gamers searching for the best flight simulator experience on Xbox X|S Series and Windows 10 PC.

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Turtle Beach’s new flight simulation controller provides easy and realistic controls, as well as a full system for users of all skill levels to experience the thrill of flight. Its very realistic 180° yoke knob with integrated rudder controls, a modular throttle quadrant with integrated trim wheel, stick and vernier controls, and interchangeable stick controls provide home aviators with greater versatility and a realistic flight experience for small and heavy aircraft.

Flight simulators are cool again

The vast number of flight simulators we have received in the previous few years includes games like Microsoft Flight Simulator, Balsa Model Flight Simulator, and the fighter jet simulator Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown. The community of aviation lovers has been constantly growing, as seen by the Turtle Beach flight simulation controller’s pre-sale numbers.

“VelocityOne Flight pre-orders from our site selling out globally is a wonderful start to our entry into the rapidly growing flight simulation hardware market,” said Turtle Beach chairman and CEO Juergen Stark.

“If you were not able to reserve a unit via pre-order, there will be additional quantities available in waves following VelocityOne Flight’s November 14 launch,” he added.

Flight game enthusiasts will be able to get their hands on the VelocityOne Flight on November 14 for a basic price of $379.95. You can click here to get notified when new shipments are available. Because of its simple USB cable connection, the flight simulation controller may be used on both Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Watch the VeleocityOne Flight Controller’s reveal video down below!