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Two Point Campus highlights archaeology course in new trailer

Two Point Campus

Learn to discover ancient ruins and discover elements full of history in the latest Two Point Campus course.

Two Point and Sega have released a new trailer that shows us one of the courses offered at Two Point Campus: the Archaeology Course. Two Point Campus is a delightful management simulator in which you may design your ideal institution, affect the lives of your students, and manage whatever you can imagine. It’s modeled on the popular Two Point Hospital.

Dust off ancient history

In Two Point Campus, you may channel your inner hat-wearing, adventure-seeking professor and enroll your students in the Archaeology Course. Students will dig, scan, and dust their way to riches and fame, as shown in the video released today.

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In the Archaeology Course, players can complete a number of challenges in order to unearth artifacts. Shovels, brushes, and metal detectors are among the instruments that your pupils might employ to find artifacts spread throughout diverse excavation sites. Make sure your pupils and employees are well-trained, since the more they learn, the more astonishing things they will discover.

Two Point Campus launches on May 17 for PC and consoles.

Watch the new trailer down below!