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Two Worlds Expansion Available on Xbox Live

SouthPeak Games has announced that the first of two downloadable content expansions for their epic role-playing game, Two Worlds, is now available via Xbox Live Marketplace for the Xbox 360. Titled Tainted Blood, the pack significantly expands the online multiplayer portion of SouthPeak’s vast RPG and is available now for 600 Microsoft points.

Tainted Blood boasts four new online multiplayer maps that allow players the chance to explore completely new locales and face unprecedented challenges with friends. Over 35 new quests await those who download the expansion, as well as an innovative player-versus-player challenge mode where opponents battle to control magical orbs within a variety of arenas.

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“This pack of downloadable content is a fantastic expansion for players who love playing Two Worlds with friends and are ready for some new and exhilarating features,” said Melanie Mroz, CEO of SouthPeak Games. “Tainted Blood’s excellent new multiplayer mode is the key thing to note. The introduction of a completely new multiplayer mode lives up to our commitment to making sure Two Worlds is the best RPG experience we can create.”