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U.S. Military Obsessed with Halo 3

Over the weekend we reported on U.S. military recruiters taking advantage of the launch of Halo 3 to sign some recruits while letting under-age teenagers play Halo 2. “This is going to be huge,” said Air Force recruiter Staff Sgt. Christopher Johnson. “We have the same demographic as they do,” he said. “Our target market is identical to that of video game stores.”

Aside from hosting launch parties, the U.S. Air Force is now sponsoring Halo 3 contests. Over at GameSpot, you can win Halo 3 Legendary Edition and Xbox 360 Elite, compliments of the U.S. Air Force and American taxpayers. This kind of thing is nothing new. The U.S. military was behind the PC game America’s Army. Whether or not the U.S. military should be actively reaching out to young people is for you to decide.

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