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Ubisoft Announces Call of Juarez for Xbox 360

Today Ubisoft announced that Call of Juarez, previously announced for the PC, will also be released for the Xbox 360 in Summer 2007. Developed by Techland in Poland, Call of Juarez provides the only Western first-person shooter experience on Xbox 360. An enhanced, Vista-ready PC version, equipped with DirectX 10 support, will be released in North America simultaneously.

Call of Juarez captures the brutality and ruthlessness that turned the American Frontier into a theater of war. Players will experience legendary Wild West action including duels at high noon, gruesome shootouts and barroom brawls. The intense multiplayer modes pit bands of money-hungry outlaws against one another through a variety of game options and different terrain. An authentic Wild West single-player campaign puts players into the world of both the hunter AND the hunted, each equipped with contrasting weaponry, styles and motives.