Ubisoft+ coming to Xbox as Rainbow Six Extraction joins Game Pass

Ubisoft+ Xbox

To celebrate, Rainbow Six Extraction will be released on Game Pass on day one.

Ubisoft, the French gaming behemoth, announced today that its Ubisoft+ subscription service will be coming to Xbox in the future, and Xbox users are ecstatic. The next game in the Rainbow Six world will be available to Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass subscribers when it publishes on January 20 as a tiny preview of what’s to come between Ubisoft and Xbox.

Ubisoft+ provides users with access to over 100 Ubisoft games, including new releases, DLC, and classic titles, as well as prizes such as personalization items, boosters, and other in-game bonuses. The service is presently available for $14.99 on PC and Google Stadia.

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Ubisoft’s subscription gaming service will remain distinct from Xbox Game Pass for the time being, according to the French business. Still, it’s not impossible that Ubisoft’s subscription service may be absorbed into the Xbox Game Pass service in the future, as occurred previously with EA Play.

In fact, Electronic Arts’ service is quite similar to Ubisoft’s, though the latter has more obvious advantages. With Ubisoft+, we can play virtually the entire catalog of the company, including its most recent releases, whereas with EA Play, we can only access a ten-hour trial of its most recent releases.

Ubisoft+ Xbox

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction will be accessible on Xbox Game Pass from the start. Game Pass members can dive into this violent, thrilling, and surprising PvE co-op experience, taking on dynamic raids of up to three players while playing this great game with tactical features inspired by Rainbow Six Siege.

“By making Rainbow Six Extraction available to Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass members on the day and date of its launch, we’re demonstrating that we believe in the value and choice that game subscriptions offer to players,” said Chris Early, Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Business Development at Ubisoft.

Extraction for Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass members is just the beginning. Ultimately, we will offer the Ubisoft+ subscription service to Xbox owners so that they can enjoy the full extent of our Ubisoft+ game library, including new releases, on their consoles,” He added.

We expect Ubisoft to provide more information about its partnership with Xbox sooner rather than later. For the time being, we’ll take full advantage of Extraction‘s arrival on Game Pass.

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