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Ubisoft Releases Drawsome Game Tablet for Wii

Ubisoft today announced that the Drawsome Tablet is now available at retail outlets. The Drawsome Tablet is the latest drawing peripheral for the Wii, joining THQ’s uDraw. An advantage that Ubisoft has is that they are giving away two games with the peripheral: Drawsome Artist and Drawsome Sketch Quest all for $59.99.

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The Drawsome Tablet features a large 8.5-inch screen that allows for unrestricted drawing movements and features an innovative transparency layer that covers the drawing area, so players can trace their favorite images. It includes a wireless stylus which means players’ movements will not be limited by a tether. The size, shape and feel of the pen also allows for a user-friendly experience for children. Everything drawn on the Drawsome Tablet will be displayed in real time on a home television. Using an SD Card, users will be able to share their masterpieces easily with friends and family.