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Ultreia draws strong inspiration from Grim Fandango and Machinarium.

Red Deer Games has teamed up with Olivier de Rop, a single game developer from Belgium, to announce the release of Ultreïa on Friday. It is a new adventure game for Nintendo Switch that tells a lovely and interesting narrative about the actual meaning of life and death.

An adventure that will undoubtedly surprise you

As a little traveling pilgrim, you will travel through a weird and gloomy land, encountering its not always kind and different residents. But be careful as big and magical monsters lurk and live in the underground caverns, in the deepest shade like the darkest night.


During your voyage, you will visit the eerie robot metropolis of Mount St. Troy, where the senses operate on entirely different principles. And this event will alter your outlook on the world.

Ultreïa is an adventure game in which you will travel into the unknown in pursuit of what is important in life. A massive vacuum in the robot’s little steel heart, created by a tragic loss, pushes him to venture to an entirely unfamiliar and untamed planet.

With aspects of crafts, puzzles, and more, we will experience an unprecedented journey in five hours of gameplay where we will have more than 50 locations to discover and a plethora of personalities with whom we can enjoy extended discussions thanks to its more than 1000 lines of dialogue.

Ultreïa launches for the Nintendo Switch on Friday, March 25th.

Watch the game trailer down below!